CIF has been proudly operating in the mining, oil and gas, forestry, pulp and paper, bioenergy, wind energy, commercial and municipal industries for over 30 years.

CIF’s goal is to exceed our client’s expectations. We also believe that by creating and maintaining the right team, including management, supervision and skilled labour on a long-term basis, we will deliver exceptional customer service.

In pursuit of achieving the best possible results for our clients, CIF owns and operates an extensive equipment inventory, which sets us apart in the industry. Because of this we are capable of self-performing in multiple disciplines which, by design, gives us quality control and client assurance. It is also important to note that it is CIF’s mandate to provide a safe and healthy environment, increasing productivity and reducing environmental impacts.

In order to secure and maintain a loyal, high performing team, CIF holds the safety of our employees in the highest regard. We also cross train our staff which allows them to complete multiple tasks so we can allocate resources wherever and whenever necessary. CIF employs journeyman carpenters, ironworkers, equipment operators, scaffolders, licensed mechanics, surveyors, engineers and technologists to complete your projects professionally and efficiently. Our employees feel a great sense of pride being involved with such successful projects. This success has led to a high level of client satisfaction and an exceptional employee retention rate.

CIF is proud of its team.