CIF Construction has been working with concrete since 1991.

Each project is unique in its concrete specifications depending on soil and load bearing capacities and situational impacts. The experienced team at CIF Construction can meet any requirement, making sure to meet CSA and client specifications utilizing mix design data and temperature monitoring to achieve the best possible results.

CIF Construction has the knowledge and qualifications to successfully complete intricate and complicated concrete structures. In order to do this, CIF Construction boasts its own telebelt, concrete mixer trucks and concrete pump trucks that are capable of placing concrete up to a distance of up to 40 meters.

The telebelt is a strong, lightweight, telescopic conveyor belt that allows our team to easily install materials in restricted space locations with extreme efficiency. A multitude of materials are moved via a telescoping belt extending to 105’ horizontally from center of boom pivot to discharge. Materials include concrete and aggregates installation with various slumps and sizes with ease. The telescoping boom is infinitely adjustable in length from 36’ to 105’ and vertical height from 59’ to negative 24’ at discharge from nominal ground level. The supply belt is speed adjustable and can deliver up to 360m³ per hour. Together with our fleet of mixer trucks and crane trucks with clamshell buckets as well as our inventory of concrete pump trucks, line pumps and grout pumps, CIF Construction has full control over the delivery and placement of concrete onsite.

CIF Construction has fully portable, computerized concrete batch plants that allow us to produce all of the required concrete onsite no matter how remote the location. Each batch plant has a two million BTU steam generator, 80 ton cement silo, 4500 gallon water trailer and a 100 ton fly ash silo ensuring that your project can continue towards completion in winter. Each batch plant can produce up to 100m³ of concrete per hour. We have the capacity to produce concrete year round using enclosed steam chests to heat the aggregates and a steam generator system for hot water.